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Environmental Initiatives &

When we envisaged Evangelisa,
we knew we wanted to build a business we could be proud of,
and that meant finding ways to be environmentally responsible.


We try to minimise our waste and recycle wherever possible.
We recycle glass, paper/cardboard, plastics, batteries, and food waste,
composting as much as possible on our allotment.

We feed the birds too and make seeded fat cakes with leftover butter.
We have a daily gathering of rooks, jackdaws, starlings, sparrows, blackbirds,
ring-necked doves, and a robin or two.

Our white goods are all A+ rated or above,
including the dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer.
We do all our linen laundry on-site, ensuring machines are fully loaded before use
and air-dry when we can.

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and vegan.
Our cleaning cloths are washed and reused to prevent the use of disposable cloths and wipes.

Old bedding and towels are donated to a local animal rescue charity
and items unsuitable for donating are re-used as rags.

Guests are not required to print or show confirmations of booking.
We ask guests if they would like a receipt and if possible, we email receipts to save paper.

The welcome tray is stocked with re-useable mugs, glasses, and teaspoons
to prevent the need for single-use plastic.
We provide glasses in the guest bathrooms too.

We provide refillable glass bottles of fresh milk to reduce the use of sachets.
Our energy-efficient hot water dispensers boil exactly the amount of water you need
four times faster than a traditional kettle and not a drop more, saving energy and time.
For long guest stays, in general, we will only change bedding once a week unless requested.
Towels left hanging up will be left for your re-use
and only towels left on the shower floor will be changed.

We offer toiletries in the room in refillable glass dispensers
so that they can be cleaned and reused for as long as possible,
avoiding the need for single-use plastics.
Our toiletries are locally sourced from Myddfai Trading Company, a social enterprise,
whose mission is to provide opportunities for vulnerable people from the local community.
All are cruelty-free, and available to purchase from us too.

The majority of our furniture has been up-cycled
and we have sought to buy pre-loved where possible.
We also seek to procure more sustainable products, such as pillows and duvets
with fillings made from recycled materials.
We ask you to separate your waste in your room, using the two-section bin provided
for all recyclables – plastic, cardboard, paper and glass and general rubbish.

We do not use plastic linings in our bins, instead,
they are naked and green and reducing plastic waste.

As much as possible we have installed led light bulbs
and of course, when you’re not in your room we hope you will remember
to switch off the lights, the TV and any other appliances.

We request that you pre-order your breakfast
which helps us to reduce unnecessary food waste,
so we can just prepare the food that is to be consumed.

We also continuously challenge ourselves to source more sustainably,
for example through locally sourced and fair-trade food supplies,
supporting other local businesses and small holdings.

We use fewer individually packaged items, such as table sauces and drinks,
utilising refillable containers instead.
Our dining tables have wipeable surfaces to reduce washing of table cloths
and our serviettes are made from 100% recycled paper. 

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